Hey!  Welcome to my website. I am the singer in a well known band called The Cannibals. We started in 1976 so there is a long history to write about!  I absolutely hate working on websites so there is usually a pretty long gab between reading this and my updating this bloody thingy! However, I hope to continue writing my memoirs so oneday my dysfunctional and totally chaotic life will be there for all to see so I can finally  die with a smile on my face and head on down to hell where I belong!

There is a
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Below are some pictures of me performing and some music.
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Here are some pictures starting from 1975 as a Count Bishop, my first London band. There is Takano Kenichi playing guitar with me playing blues harp in Osaka just before flying back to the UK after a successful mini-tour of Japan. I'm wearing some eye makeup at a gig in Japan in 2008. I've always liked playing drums when not singing or trying to play guitar badly and here I am getting on the kit during a rehearsal in London for a gig in Rotterdam, Holland in 2008. After 32 years as the Cannibals I decided to call it a day and we did our last gig October 3rd 2008 at the Dirty Water Club on the same night Mariko and I got married on stage. The last picture is of me and Sebastion Marx playing at the Gibus Club, Paris, France in 1993.
Check out the Cannibal's website       http//:www.myspace.com/thecannibalslondon/

Check back often for updates!

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