Trash Can Radio Show!

My new show, The Trash Can, is LIVE every Saturday night, 9-11pm EST time (In the USA) and early Sunday morning in other parts of the world. It is hosted on the fabulous REAL PUNK RADIO site....Go to and listen in. If you do not hear the stream immediately try a different streaming method. Choose from Real Player, Winamp, iTunes or whatever makes a sound on your computer. Please log on to the chat room and join in with the other punters and myself. You can also come online sometime using Skype but you have to join my Skype club by adding me as a contact. My Skype name is the.trash.can or just do a search in the Add Contacts section using The Trash Can and you will find me there. If you're lucky and I'm hard up for company doing my show and you're Online in Skype don't be too surprised if I give you a ring!
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